Unlock Your Hidden Talents For Personal Success Through Colored Brain

Unlock Your Hidden Talents For Personal Success Through Colored Brain

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Unlock Your Hidden Talents For Personal Success Through Colored Brain


November 2020


  • Do you follow your heart, or do you follow what you are told to do?
  • You know you have potential, and it is not maximized, or you do not know how to unleash it…
  • Are there moments you doubted yourself and not sure if you have done the right thing?


I believe every individual is unique and they have the capacity to be successful. It could be you do not know how or unsure what your potential is.

Recall the time you were studying. There are people who like Mathematics and they do well in the subject. There is another group of people where Mathematics is not their strength, but they learn due to requirement to pass exams. Which category are you? Those who find Mathematics as their favourite is because their brain is genetically wired and it is somehow easy. Their brains work well in this subject. On the contrary, the second group of people where Mathematics is not their strength, they take longer time and requires effort to do. This group probably excel in another subject like the Creative Arts as their brain is wired differently.

Based on research by Arthur Carmazzi, founder of Directive Communication Psychology and Colored Brain Communication™, when we think, our brain will go through a process to comprehend and get clarity to make decisions what to do. This process of getting clarity and comprehension is known as “Ambiguity Relief”.

The instrument to measure your brain’s Ambiguity Relief is Colored Brain Communication Inventory. It is the system that organizes the different types of genetic neuro-processing brains which defines the way each person experiences their environment and take in and interprets information. This results in specific ways of perceiving and evaluating events, situations and even the development of ideas.


Types of Colored Brain Processors

Green Brain – Random or Chaotic Processing

People with a Green Brain are forward moving. They process their surrounding as a summary of the overall situation and see the “Big Picture” of things. Their thinking is non-linear in random chunks, so they can usually concentrate on one situation at a time.

As a Green Brainer, you are action driven and like to get things going. When working in a team, Green Brain people like inter-action as a form of sharing and tossing ideas around. They can come up with creative approaches and see things in big picture. They cannot give you details unless consciously being told. They are good motivators in getting things started but may have difficulty following through. They are perceived to be impatient due to the nature to quickly get things done.


Red Brain – Linear Processing

Clarity is power to the Red Brain. They must maintain a clear sense of purpose. They are precise in their communication and process facts in a logical way which carries the ability to detach themselves from situations and be extremely objective.

As a Red Brainer, you are structured and your style is to create framework and policy. You have a clear sense of direction with long term perspective and future thinking. You think through before speaking and do well in accomplishing goals and objectives. As a result, you take calculated risks and actions upon thorough analysis.


Blue Brain – Intuitive Processing

Blue Brain people are emotional base, and they process and communicate in feelings. They are versatile, flexible and are capable of playing multiple roles. They have a strong sense of personal connection which resulted them to be relationship based and the ability to be empathic.

As a Blue Brainer, your natural focus is about caring and sharing. You will be super in roles that require to interact with people. You are great at resolving people issues and a natural organizer. For personal communication, you are a good listener and have strong intuition and can often address organizational insensitivities with positive results.


Purple Brain – Relational Processing

Information is king to Purple Brain. Their style of processing requires them to absorb a lot of information to take appropriate action. Their mind is connected through data and they need the details to give them a safe sense of direction. They are key in operational functions and are very practical in their applications.


As a Purple Brainer, you are meticulous in details and organize in nature. You accumulate data even for future use. To get things done, you need considerable context in a hands-on environment and sufficient time to assimilate the information garnered. You excel in areas that are developmental of systems or operations. Your ability to plan and observe details are applied in practical solutions to problems and improvement of situations.


Every color has its strengths and weaknesses. Through discovering your Colored Brain, you uncover our natural talents and area of gaps. This is an essential strategy to unlocking your hidden potentials.


How did I unlock my potential?

I was working for the same organization for 18 years doing almost the same specification of job. As a manager, I was performing, and I was promoted quite fast. However, deep inside me, I knew I have potentials which are not maximized. I was searching and wanted to achieve more. I did not know what my natural talents was until I discovered I am a Green Brainer.

From that point, many of my personal conflicts were resolved. I often had doubts whether I made the right decision, whether I should follow my heart or listen to somebody’s advice etc. I understood why I worked well with my former superior and why I had problems working with some people. I analysed the Colored Brain of my team members and I re-set my actions in dealing with them differently. Everyone has different strengths, and my weaknesses could be your strengths. By synergizing different Colored Brains for different job scope, we successfully performed and completed projects within time and scope well.

Being a Green Brainer, I understood how to manage myself better and gained more confidence in making decisions. For some area of work where I knew I am not the best person to do, I assign and work with people who has the right Colored Brain. In this case, we collaborate and maximize each other’s talents.


What can you do if you are affected by current Covid-19 Pandemic?

People’s rice bowl is affected, and many may have lost their jobs. If this is the situation you are facing now, it is time to reflect and take stock of yourself. Assess your Colored Brain to uncover your natural talents and potentials. It gives you a guide of how and what to do in your next step. The purpose is to avoid making mistakes and find success faster.


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Lily Lau is a Master Certified for Directive Communication Psychology and has conducted many training sessions on this topic. She aims to inspire people to reach their potential through self-discovery of personal talents. Interested to find out more about Colored Brain? Engage Lily Lau to know your Colored Brain and learn how to interpret and understand people’s Colored Brain as well! For more information: www.culturedynamics.com.my